Thriving in the era of crypto and blockchain

Our opinion poll shows how the European financial industry views distributed ledger technologies and digital assets and why the sector should become more active in this fields.


Distributed ledger technology (DLT) – blockchain, the most well-known – and digital assets are increasingly gaining in importance. Nevertheless, most banks and asset managers have scarcely offered services for digital assets or integrated DLT in their operations to date.

In our latest opinion poll of financial industry companies in six countries, we determine why they are hesitant about digital assets and how the sector views DLT and digital assets.

We have distilled four core hypotheses, which we present in our latest study along with the findings of our opinion poll:

  • The frequently perceived lack of regulatory certainty regarding digital assets is fading. Offering services is therefore likely to become more attractive for European banks and asset managers.
  • Blockchain technology and other DLT solutions offer significant potential for more efficient financial markets.
  • Financial companies offering products and services for digital assets gain access to new and highly profitable investors groups.
  • European banks should swiftly step up their involvement with digital assets - otherwise they risk falling behind US competitors and FinTechs.