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Climate change is humanity’s major challenge in the 21st century. Corporate transparency on climate related financial impacts is essential for effective investment decisions contributing to global efforts to meet the Paris Agreement’s 2-degree target. The Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) support this notion by providing the framework for climate related financial reporting. KPMG’s Climate Maturity Assessment identifies to what extent your organization’s processes and disclosures fulfil the TCFD Recommendations.
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Getting started:
Your first step towards fulfilling the TCFD Recommendations.

Climate change poses new risks, and creates new opportunities for businesses. To proactively manage these risks and opportunities organizations need to develop a detailed understanding of the impact of climate change on their business model. This allows for a full integration of climate risks and opportunities into core organizational processes.

KPMG’s TCFD Climate Maturity Assessment helps you to take the first step towards climate resilience and fulfilling the TCFD Recommendations. It has been developed by interdisciplinary experts and leverages progressive technology to intuitively evaluate the climate maturity level of your organization, its climate processes, methods, and related disclosures, and visualizes results considering best practice benchmarks.

The TCFD Climate Maturity Assessment covers the following aspects

  • Organization & Processes

    The degree of maturity of internal processes and methods for managing climate impacts are assessed in the light of state-of-the-art best practice. Clearly defined optimization approaches and guidance are developed and presented, tailored to your particular organizational needs.
  • Disclosures

    Scope and level of detail of your current external climate reporting are analyzed, gaps in fulfillment of the TCFD Recommendations are highlighted, and innovative disclosure approaches are developed.
  • KPMG’s Climate Risks and Opportunities Toolkit

    The TCFD Climate Maturity Assessment is part of KPMG’s Climate Risks and Opportunities Toolkit developed in cooperation with interdisciplinary experts and academics. It breaks down the highly complex interdependencies of climate and business issues. Ready-made tools are tailored to your business model’s specific needs to deliver value for your organization’s climate resilience journey.
  • Risk & Opportunity Prioritization

    The technology based questionnaire surveys your evaluation of the relevance of various physical and transitional climate risks as well as business opportunities of climate mitigation and adaptation. This prioritization provides the basis to systematically integrate the effects of climate change into your organization.
  • Best Practice Benchmarks

    The company specific maturity level is compared against competitors and best practice, highlighting competitive advantages and deficits based on KPMG’s anonymized database of TCFD Climate Maturity Assessment clients.

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