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The past year was a challenging one for business leaders in Germany and around the world. We are seeing an upturn in global risks and uncertainty that is largely unprecedented in nature, with surprising election results, the emergence of new technology and cyber-risks all shaping the public debate. Permanent change and intense competitive pressure demand shorter innovation cycles and unique products and services. Traditional company managers find themselves facing big challenges as a result. The solution: New forms of organization and methods characterized by tight planning and implementation cycles, short decision-making paths, quick results and immediate adjustments.

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More effective and recognized innovation, less risk, a global Standard for Innovation Management

The ongoing Digital Transformation requires companies to rethink their Innovation Management.
The International Organization of Standards (ISO) is an independent international organization that aims to establish requirements, guidelines or behaviours to achieve consistent knowledge and a common understanding of professional processes. In this way, they make a significant contribution to facilitating international trade. ISO 56002 refers to the topic of innovation management system. Experts from 52 countries have worked on this since 2014 with the official publication to be released in Q1 2019. This ISO standard paves the way for companies to create a system of records for innovation that enables them to innovate more consistently and risk-free and to experiment cost-effectively.

The development of innovation management as a core competence requires a careful analysis of the company's capabilities in the following seven core areas


  • Understand the context of the organization and the integration of the global Management System

  • Establish the leadership and commitment of top management

  • Plan for innovation development

  • Identify and foster innovation enablers/driving factors

  • Deploy the innovation management process

  • Understand and use innovation management tools and methods

  • Spread innovation culture

  • Assess the performance of the innovation management system and update it if necessary

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