German American Business Outlook 2021

How do German companies see the development of the US economy, what are their plans for the coming months and which tasks have priority? We answer these questions in our "German American Business Outlook 2021".


Overview of the key findings:

  • 90% of those surveyed stated that they were able to report a profit in the past twelve months despite Covid-19. The US continues to be a profitable and key market for German companies.
  •  82% of the companies are planning to make additional investments in the US. These growth prospects are also evident in the vigorous recruitment activities. The shortage of skilled labour in the US remains the biggest obstacle for German companies in this regard.
  • Almost two thirds of the companies surveyed (65%) stated that the pandemic is the biggest economic challenge for their business. Especially the digitalisation of internal business processes and sales represents the major challenge at the moment for the companies surveyed. The pandemic is acting as a catalyst and accelerator for driving digital transformation.