Real Estate Bulletin with a special ESG issue

From vision to reality: ESG issues are an essential part of the real estate industry's normality


E, S and G: Not so long ago, one often had to add explanatory information about what these three letters stood for. In the meantime, ESG issues are part of the normality and reality of all companies.

In the real estate industry, too, the time of re-learning and implementation has begun. In this special edition of the Bulletin, our experts in the KPMG Real Estate team therefore devote themselves entirely to the practical fields of action in the areas of environment, social affairs, governance and the financial market.

Selection of topics in the current issue:

  • Decarbonisation of real estate portfolios
  • Material Cadastre: New Horizons for Technical Asset Management
  • Changes to tenancy agreements due to the CO2 Cost Sharing Act
  • Sustainable building as a legal obligation
  • Fairness opinions in real estate transactions
  • Securing liquidity for ESG transformation
Our Real Estate Bulletin provides practical information on market developments, legislative changes and new technologies in the real estate sector several times a year.