Study: German Business in China – Business Confidence Survey 2021/2022

Find out more on how German companies in China rate their business opportunities and the challenges that they see – order your copy of the study now.


After the challenging first year of COVID-19 in 2020, business for German companies in China improved in 2021. These are the findings of the latest survey of the German Chamber of Commerce in China in cooperation with KPMG for the study: "German Business in China: Business Confidence Survey 2021/2022".

For 2022, 51 percent of the companies surveyed in China expect their sector to develop positively – although this is 16 percentage points less than compared with the forecast in the prior year. This shows that the business environment in China is becoming more difficult.

Companies now cite the preferential treatment of local competitors as part of China's dual circulation policy as their greatest regulatory challenge in China; this policy aims to reduce dependence on foreign companies and make China more self-reliant. Operational challenges relate especially to rising personnel expenses, the availability of qualified staff and the current travel restrictions.

The latest study includes the findings of the survey on the following topics, among others:

  • Business prospects and investment plans of German companies in China
  • Decarbonisation as a new business opportunity
  • Challenges of increasing decoupling
  • Unequal treatment of foreign companies
  • Increasing localisation of German companies in China
  • Requirements of risk management system
  • Expectations regarding the China policy of the German federal government.