Download now: “Digitalisation in Accounting, Edition 2022/2023”

Accounting is becoming increasingly digital – for sustainability reporting this applies only up to a point.


Digitalisation and sustainability: two megatrends that accounting, along with many other disciplines, has to deal with. Our study "Digitalisation in Accounting" shows that these topics often run side by side in many companies and are less interlinked. Most of the companies surveyed still have a low degree of digitalisation in their non-financial reporting. Only 30 percent of the companies have digitalised their reporting to at least 50 percent.

Our study is supplemented with practical examples and also covers:

  • Cyber security in accounting
  • Homogenization and standardization of system landscapes and workflows
  • Increased efficiency thanks to digitalization

As in previous years, the study was carried out in cooperation with the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich..