"Digital Therapeutics": Six steps to a transformed business

How the pharma industry can establish successful DTx portfolios


Digital therapeutics, or DTx, is dramatically changing the pharma and healthcare market, filling many gaps in patient care - and opening up new revenue streams. However, for pharmaceutical companies to seize these opportunities, some adjustments need to be made - as DTx differ significantly from conventional therapeutics. Therefore, in addition to appropriate technology and digital expertise, cultural transformation is essential. For life sciences companies, this means becoming much more agile and ready to adapt to constant innovation.

How can the industry achieve this transformation? We explain this in our brochure "Digital Therapeutics in Pharma: It's time to think big". We share our view on six key challenges which need to be overcome for a transformed business. 

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Click here for the brochure "Digital Therapeutics in Pharma: It's time to think big".