Intellectual Property newsletter (Edition 3/2023)

Welcome to the KPMG Intellectual Property newsletter on developments in the world of copyright, patents, trademarks, designs, domains and other Intellectual Property rights (“IPRs”). KPMG firms are proud of their global network of IP lawyers, business advisors and other IP experts enabling KPMG professionals to offer an international service to clients in this area.

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In this edition, we focus on new developments in the field of technology. One of the most important topics in the field of transportation is autonomous driving. We analyse the latest developments in Switzerland, brought about by the revision of the Federal Road Traffic Act. The metaverse is also part of a technological revolution. We examine its implications for media companies, presenting both the promises and challenges it brings.
A milestone in the development of IP law was reached with the opening of the UPC and the introduction of the European unitary patent. We share some insights into their impact on patent protection in the EU.
Furthermore, we delve into the intriguing interplay between cultural heritage, economics, and advertising as we shed light on the efforts dedicated to protecting the image rights of precious cultural goods in Italy. 
Venturing beyond, we explore Vietnam's franchising framework, offering valuable insights into the business opportunities it holds for foreign investors. 
Lastly, we keep you informed with recent developments in Spain, including the Spanish Royal Decree 209/2023 and a ruling on liability for trademark infringement.