Business Destination Germany 2022

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We asked 360 CFOs of the largest German subsidiaries of international corporations from the most significant investor countries for Germany how they perceive Germany as a business location in an EU comparison.

Key findings:

  • Germany is ranked among the top 5 EU countries by at least 40 percent of the CFOs surveyed for 10 of the 16 location factors surveyed.
  • Germany received the best ratings for living standards, public safety and political stability.
  • By contrast, the assessment of Germany's fundamental strengths deteriorated (for an environment that fosters innovation, process automation, labour productivity).
  • According to the respondents, there has been no improvement in any of the deficiencies that were noted two years ago. The CFOs surveyed were clearly critical of the state of the digital infrastructure and the tax system.

In "Business Destination Germany 2022," we present the results in detail and rank them.