German Business in China: Business Confidence Survey 2020/21 – download now

German companies in China look towards the coming year with optimism: around two thirds anticipate revenue growth, according to a survey by KPMG and the German Chambers of Commerce in China.


77% of German companies in China expect that the local market will develop better this year than any other market globally. That is according to the latest survey conducted by KPMG and the German Chamber of Commerce in China as part of the "German Business in China" study. In comparison to 2020, 72% of respondents expect increased revenue and 56% to higher profits in 2021.

Moreover, almost all of the companies polled (96%) indicate they have no plans to leave China. On the contrary, 72% reported they were looking to invest more in China over the coming two years.

The results of the survey - including in respect of China as an investment destination and the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment - can be found in our report “German Business in China: Business Confidence Survey 2020/21”.